Thank you for referring a family in need to the CORE grant program. 

Please read the following information carefully.

CORE is a national nonprofit dedicated to serving food & beverage service employees with children to provide financial relief when either the parent or their child faces a health crisis, injury, death or natural disaster.

We understand the current crisis across the nation has put a tremendous strain on the F&B community. Due to the large demand and scope of COVID-19, we want to honor our mission by providing support to food & beverage service employees with children, who have been medically diagnosed with COVID-19 or have someone living within their home who have been diagnosed. Documentation is required if you are diagnosed with COVID-19. Please note, all regular applications unrelated to COVID-19 will also be accepted at this time. 

* Most qualifying circumstances must be within 3 months of the date of application submission.

* In the event of death of a parent or child, your CORE grant application must be within 6 months of the date of application. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.