Who is CORE?:

CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees is a national non-profit dedicated to serving food and beverage operations employees with children to provide financial relief when either the employee or their child faces a health crisis, injury, death, or natural disaster.

What is a Brand Advocate?

A CORE Brand Advocate is an employee within your company who volunteers to share the word about CORE to team members and assist employees with their application process.

Role of a CORE Brand Advocate

  • Distribute CORE materials
  • Back of the House posters & other resources to educate employees about CORE’s mission and how we may assist them during potentially qualifying circumstances.
  • Serve as a liaison for employees with children that potentially qualify for CORE support.
  • Educate team members about the 3 Tiers of CORE Qualifying Criteria
  • Assist employees through the application process.
  • Providing application access information
  • Assisting employee to complete and submit application.
  • Providing current employment status of applicant
  • Supporting the employee through document retrieval and submission stage
  • Help keep lines of communication open with the applicant.
  • Support problem resolution as needed on behalf of the employee in need.

Why become a CORE Brand Advocate?

CORE recognizes that during a stressful time when a family needs support, navigating an application process can be overwhelming. CORE Brand Advocates share information about the CORE financial grant program with their employees and support applicants through their application process. This support increases the likelihood that applicants will complete all the necessary steps for grant consideration and helps ensure that CORE eligibility requirements are met prior to deliberation.

How to become a CORE Brand Advocate

  • Complete Brand Advocate Form
  • Complete Brand Advocate Training
  • Receive complete Brand Advocate Guide

What is the CORE Grant Criteria?

All qualifying applicants must meet each of the 3 tiers of CORE Qualifiers.

All qualifying circumstances must be within 6 months from the date of application.

Tier 1: Legally dependent children living within the home full or part time.

All applicants must have at least 1 legally dependent minor child living in the home.

  • 18 yrs. and under
  • Enrolled College/university student up to age 22
  • A medically dependent or intellectually disabled child that is under the long-term care of the parent.

Tier 2: Food & Beverage Service Employment

All applicants must have be working in the food and beverage industry, full or part time and must be the legal guardian of the child.

TIER 3: CORE Qualifying Circumstances

All applicants must be experiencing at least one of the following qualifying circumstances (other circumstances may apply):

  • Medical illness or diagnosis of an employee, spouse, or child
  • Medical documents will be required
  • Death of a dependent child’s parent or death of dependent child of F&B worker
  • Loss of home or major damage of home due to natural disaster (i.e. tornado, hurricane, flood, fire), earthquake)
  • Documented Domestic Abuse

To learn more about CORE visit: www.COREgives.org

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.